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Watch the november man Movie

Thursday, August 28, 2014

 November Man (2014) is a film that is high on suspense, action, adventure, spy and intelligence. Yes, August is your thirst for action by man in November (2014) Watch the november man Movie, and quench knew the clock. Make you get a new schedule from the eyes to super-action feel. Suggested confrontation must be a new kind of charm in this film that you will at least make a look at it. November Man (2014) is inspired by the art of the novel is not Spies by Bill Granger. This was off new 1987, as part of a series of November, Man. Now, I would like to start playing the main role all the right attention by the news in November Man (2014), Pierce Brosnan James Bond hero. You are in future to Pierce Brosnan real exciting activities for a long time, but he's going to compete legumes and throbbing of your heart too hard again. November Man (2014), it is difficult to make by just, so do not miss the movie. November Cast and Credits November Man (2014) is Pierce Brosnan (Peter Devereaux), Olga Kurylenko (Alice Fournier), Luke Bracey (David Mason), Bill Smitrovich (Hanley), Will Patton (Perry Weinstein), Lazar Ristovski (President Fedorov), Eliza Taylor bring (Lydia Neumann), Caterina Scorsone, Patrick Kennedy (Edgar Simpson), Ben Will (Jones), Akie Kotabe (Myers), Roman Mitichyan, Amila Terzimehić Milutin Musliović and the Alexander von Roon. Beau St. Clair and Sriram are the results of November, Man (2014). Direction [the part of Roger Donaldson made. A script for the film was written by Michael Fink and Karl Gajdůšek. Romain Lacourbas participated in cinematography, while John Gilbert has been in his role as editor. Music on November Man (2014) Marco Beltrami has made. Relativity Media reserves the rights to distribute.


when the game stands tall Movie Free

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Film of interest. After the success of the box office success of 42 (discussed here) once more shows the enduring power of inspiring facts based sports stories, Mandalay and AFFIRM Films division of Sony just started the production of the game stands tall in New Orleans. The film stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ, when the game stands tall Movie Free the TV Person of Interest) as the legendary De La Salle High School football coach Bob Ladouceur, who together with his assistant coach Terry Eidson (Vegas Michael Chiklis) fighting over the, Concord, California Spartans coaching staff took out of the darkness at 151-game winning streak from 1992 to 2003, which shattered all records for consecutive victories in the American Sports. Coach Ladouceur was announced that his team teach, for something that are greater than the victory.

Known as "Coach Lad," he had little experience of coaching football when he hired to De La Salle, but by his relentless focus on the nature of the development of faith, responsibility and commitment, one of the greatest football dynasties he created. Laura Dern (Enlightened HBO) should Ladouceur strong and supportive wife Bev and Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games) describe play the Spartans outstanding running back, Chris Ryan, as he chases the state scoring record. Ladouceur has been included in the National High School Hall of Fame and is considered by many as the greatest prep football coach of all time. His impressive track record during his 34 years with the De La Salle Spartans includes: the historical age of 12 and the 151-game run victory 20 undefeated seasons, seven national titles

 five CIF Bowl championships, 17 state championships and 28 CIF North Coast title. If Ladouceur retired in January 2013, he was the most successful ever coach in California gained one of the highest winning percentage of any coach (0.934%) of his 399-25-3 record. David Zelon, inter alia, Seoul surfers, Never Back Down, and Into the Blue, produce, while the game is highly Cathy Schulman (Salvation Boulevard). Zelon says Neil Hayes attracted to the "best-selling When the game stands tall: The Story of the De La Salle Spartans and Football Greatest winning streak (which the film is based), because" it seems on the surface that these players only gained lot of football, but what makes this story so special is that this is a coach who gain little value, but the focus on his players were giving "full use" in life ...

Below is a clear testimony of how much the children can achieve when they are exposed to the responsibility and commitment. " Steve BERSCH Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions, add ", the story of the game is highly swings away from football or sport in all major sports to do films. In essence, a timeless and universal story of character, hard work and love is the . Lad inspirational coach and unyielding focus on building integrity, discipline, faith, and commitment to, above all is his basis for excellence in coaching and in life, and is what this story its unique power and magic. " Directed by Thomas Carter (Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story) says: "Bob Ladouceur and his commitment to excellence and complete the effort are the reasons why I make films, this is a story that goes far beyond the 151-game winning streak De La Salle history is .. almost incredible inspiration for those who really know. "


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paramount slowed down the development of the Ninja Turtles a few months ago and the first Hollywood trade reports, (will increase to 125 million and $) studio heads' disapproval of the script, and the proposed budget. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman then announced the delay really intended to provide timely and motion capture effects of work the film, as well as the advantages of the 30-year anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise in 2014. Turtles fansite claiming their hands, Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec is the (rumored) received a draft of the manuscript without violating the Ninja Turtles. If this scenario is indeed true - and it's a big if at that time - so it looks like a TMNT

fans worst fears are confirmed. The script includes a character named Colonel Schrader, director of the secret military action army nickname of "foot" run (get it?). Casey Jones and April O'Neil are now and in college. The two have reached a crossroads, as Casey is a modest weaker when April is always a trainee CBS. Not turtles - Casey has also been described in the protagonist of the film. Turtles break into a variety of "updated" pop-culture jokes, references to Kermit the Frog, mobile phones, and the Kung Fu Panda movies (among other things). Casey and the Turtles finally travel to Dimension X, if you find the four reptilian warriors, that they are members of a turtle-like alien race (or mutants, as previously thought).

 In essence, the core criticism of the Ninja Turtles script makes almost all of the same missteps as producer Michael Bay Transformers movies - like loads of silly young Humor, when the female lead is a painful eye candy, so the title characters of secondary players behind the featureless human protagonists and the creation of a half-baked new franchise mythology. Now, that said, the similarities between Ninja Turtles and the Bay Transformers are so transparent, that skepticism about the authenticity of the script asks. In addition, the manuscript contains extracts from more than angry fan of the script one imagines Bay's movies is like - in contrast to the design by Appelbaum and Nemec, the value of which is written in the well-known Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, as well as several episodes of shows such as Alias ​​and life on Mars . Why are you reporting at all? Well, the author of the Ninja Turtles claims to write the script, it took a full version below after receiving the cease and desist order from the Office of Legal Affairs, Paramount (read the letter here) represents. Such an order would suggest, in fact, the draft was legal - but of course, that is assuming that it was not done by a third party. Therefore, it is safe to assume nothing is taken for granted, until more information is officially released.


Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Monday, August 11, 2014

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe tangential to move them deeper into the cosmos with the Galaxy Guard, and director James Gunn has created something that certainly seems to be entirely separate from the Avengers movie franchise, but different does not mean better. In fact, boredom set at the beginning and a few laughs here and there to support me for the duration. Although 99% of the movie takes place outside Earth in the solar system opening set our Blue Marble. It is 1988 and a young Peter Feather stood in a hospital bed in his mother's life left in his body. He cried and walked outside only kidnapped alien spaceship. Flash forward 26 years later, the Quill (Chris Pratt), is now the "Ravager", which is a remote planet, listen to audio tapes on a Walkman and danced to Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love". And so it begins ... Feather Pen looking for a mysterious ball that he will be paid handsomely, but only after obtaining the object he encountered a man named Korath (Djimon Hounsou) and his minions. Before they can be detained Feather he managed to escape, the ball, and the planet in his ship escape unharmed. Enter Yondu (Michael Rooker), Ravager, and the guy responsible for the kidnapping of a child, Feather. Quill has been naughty, looking for their own ball and try to collect 100% premium and Yondu is none too pleased. At the same time, the bad guys, Ronan (Lee Pace), wanted the ball so that he can destroy the planet and send Gamora (Zoe Saldana), adopted daughter of Thanos (Josh Brolin), to get the ball in the same Quill and Nebula (Karen Gillan), sister Gamora, sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time. Next, we learn Yondu has placed a bounty on the head of Quill, which brings live trees Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) and his partner, Rocket Raccoon genetically modified (unrecognizably voiced by Bradley Cooper), the picture because they are trying to capture and collect Quill. It is chaotic, when Gamora enters the picture (his motives were not all they at first appear), and the whole group ended up in an interstellar prison. You with me so far? Since this is only the beginning. I'm not talking Drax (Dave Bautista) and how Quill, Gamora, Groot, Drax arugula and finally work together to save the galaxy Ronan plans to carry out other bad things come to mind. Oh yeah, and Benicio del Toro appeared in about two minutes, games, Collector, while John C. Reilly and Glenn Close playing Xandar military officials. However, we are not supposed to care about or even really know these characters in addition to five centers so I will not bore you with more of their story. Five centers, Pratt does not do anything for me Quill, constant sarcasm so there is rarely any comedy routine and the role does not suit him, which I can not say this as a result of the imbalance tonal each scene, or, in fact, she meeting the man of materials leading not interstellar.

Oh, and there is a great "mystery" surrounding the actual Quill and when I say "mystery" I mean, once again, you know who he is, and we'll just have to wait and see it all play the sequel. Casting Saldana seems to be too on-the-nose following the Star Trek and Avatar, as he mechanically sleepwalking through each scene, as he did very little interest, as Bautista Drax has a nightmare about a bit of charisma as an actor can look like. This improvement, however, and Groot and Rocket. It is unlikely duo and Groot glossary contains said: "I am Groot", which, depending on the turn, Groot, Rocket can interpret what Groot is "saying". Rocket, on the other hand, is a fireball of anger and frustration, and most of the time quite amusing. Both are not only a comedian movies, they are the only reason for the entire two-hour movie worth watching. I'm going to be waiting in line to watch a movie starring only the Rocket and Groot, but I never had the intention to look at the Galaxy Guard again. To be fair, I should add that I enjoy scenes with Gillan as Nebula. Although Ronan clearly just a super-duper "kill all" the bad guys and the younger brother of the Nebula, Gamora, an orphan turned his adoptive father Nebula seems to be something a little more on it and maybe it's because we only get a glimpse of what is possible. It also does not hurt, Gillan provide better performance in the limited screen time. Her character is certainly bad, but almost cheer and feel sorry for him at the same time. In addition

 the special effects are spectacular, the work of Groot and Rocket was top notch and overall the graphics perfectly. Or, I really can not stand the music of your choice, because they never feel the significance of the story, and the last piece is intended wink to the public instead of the actual artistic choices as if to say, "We will make this a little ridiculous so you know you will not take all this too seriously and just have fun with it. "I understand the emotions, but it does not bring me pleasure, it only added to my shame, especially considering two of the most ridiculous aspects of the film - the talking trees and raccoons - is the best, silly or otherwise. Galaxy Guard tasteless, must be absolutely zero surprise. The only question is, if the song is used as the 70s, and when the fighting Ronan takes place so that the credits can rotate? However, I do not know me outside looking in when it comes to this opinion. As tired as I was laughing, something only occasionally Rocket Groot said or did, I was completely mesmerized the audience, clapping in the middle of a scene from the movie and completely closed the whole thing. Different strokes for different folks I guess, and I hope the audience get more enjoyment out I did. I never felt the tone of excitement. This story is nothing more than the "to do" list as we bounce around the galaxy, to meet these people and creatures that move Xandar and know here first hour or so before you finally realize that all of this is a means of creating characters, a MacGuffin to acquire and prepare for the inevitable next step in the story. Worst of all, this is a movie waiting to see what happens next, because it will not be long before you know what's going to happen, and what I saw was not really for me.


Hope For Justice-Local Wisdom In Elements Of Democracy

Friday, October 19, 2012

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MEDAN, KOMPAS.com — the Government is expected to incorporate elements of Justice and local wisdom as an indicator of the assessment in Indonesia Democracy index to better correspond to the reality in the field.

"During this preparation of Indonesia's democracy Index (IDI) was impressed with the interest-laden foreign," said an observer from the socio-political IAIN North Sumatra Ansari of Yamama in Medan, Saturday.

According to him, the impression of strong foreign interest in the drafting of the IDI can be seen from the four pillars being an indication that freedom of Assembly and Association, freedom of speech, freedom of belief, and freedom from discrimination.

Although the four indicators are quite good, but the charge assessed physical civil liberties and has not met the substance of a democracy and freedom.

Government should also include other aspects of democracy that is associated with a sense of Justice, law enforcement, and system of governance.

In addition, the four indicators are also rated "highly imitated the" freedom of the West that are applied during this impressed "brag" as implementing genuine democracy.

As a religious nation, supposedly religious values also need to be one indicator of the IDI though Indonesia is not a State religion.

Then, as a nation that has a wealth of history and culture, the Government also needs to incorporate the implementation of local wisdom in indicators of IDI.

One effort that can be made is the assessment of the realization of the regulations pertaining to the areas of community life.

"If we have a lot of local wisdom, why should be ' used ' to the West," he said. Source: ANT Editor: Jodhi Yudono Tweetterbaru
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Nation Of Indonesia Is Less Exposed To Local Culture

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SEMARANG, KOMPAS.com — an artist Prof Eko Budihardjo assess nation Indonesia as long as it is less open to diverse local cultures and the arts.

"As a result, much of the wealth of local culture in Indonesia which is not recognized internationally. Unlike other countries which tend to ' Extrovert ' (open) on the culture, "he said in Semarang, Saturday.

That Deus Caritas Est after a panel discussion on "the transformation of the Local Culture and wisdom in dealing with Global challenges" which was initiated by the Academy of Sciences of Indonesia (AIPI) at the University of Diponegoro in Semarang.

The former Rector of Undip it says an awful lot of culture which became the local wisdom of the nation, but even Indonesia's own fellow citizens do not know local wisdom that exists outside of its territory.

"Therefore, on this occasion we bring the experts to dig into local wisdom-wisdom that Nations of Indonesia, then translated for the improvement of the condition of the nation," he said.

Eko who is also member of the Cultural Commission of the AIPI explains a lot once owned the local wisdom, such as the local architecture in Java House Joglo, Gadang concept in West Sumatra, and Honai in Papua.

However, he said, Indonesia's current community rather busy-busy adopting Western-style architecture in constructing dwellings would not fit in tropical countries.

"There is also a local wisdom society of Bali and Lombok who didn't sail as the seasons the fish are reproducing. This is to maintain the sustainability of the population. Not just any exploitation of fish, "said Eko.

Similar to that, Secretary General of AIPI Dr. Budhi Suyitno m. exemplifies the culture of South Korea which is known by the name of K-Pop is starting to encroach on other countries around the world, including Indonesia.

"If I look at, the dance ' Style ' which includes Gangnam K-Pop that's almost like a Jathilan (kuda lumping). We also have dance kuda lumping. In fact, better than they (K-Pop), "he said.

As such, he said Indonesia had an awful lot of potential local wisdom that must be well managed, conserved, and introduced more broadly to the world internationally.

Through the forum, AIPI said he expected a lot of thought resulting from the experts with regard to local wisdom, who then would be the recommendations and input to the President.

"This is an institution AIPI under President based on Act No. 8/1990 of the Academy of Sciences of Indonesia. The results of this study we will recommend on the President, "said Budhi. Source: ANT Editor: Jodhi Yudono Tweetterbaru
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By Lestarikan Traditional Batik Cirebon

Thursday, October 18, 2012


CIREBON, KOMPAS.com — a number of artisans in the ... by continuing to preserve traditional batik Cirebon to the defence of local culture.

"Typical Batik Cirebon produced a number of craftsmen in district By continuing to be maintained," said Warjono, crafters local batik, Saturday.

According to him, the Cirebon batik motif results in a craftsmen ... by Larsem, sufficient demand by consumers from Bandung and Jakarta, even though the price is quite high compared to the batik print.

Demand will steadily increase in batik, he said, so that opens up opportunities for crafters to develop their businesses.

Batik Larsem excellence By using Silk material soft and natural dyes, they don't use chemicals.

Meanwhile, Casno, traders in Cirebon batik confessed, turnover typical of Cirebon batik artisans in ... by results continue to rise, although the price is quite high compared to the batik print.

Batik kian consumer demand, he said, local businesses in Cirebon the previous increases had stopped production due to the artisans of the quiet order.

In addition to the typical motif of batik Cirebon Ciwaring i.e. Larsem, Kampong of batik in the village of Trusmi sub-district of Plered, Cirebon Regency, West Java, its development was intensified.

Karmanto, a local batik artisans told reporters in Cirebon said more exciting Trusmi batik business because sales continue to increase. Source: ANT Editor: Jodhi Yudono Tweetterbaru
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